Young Future Planners

Future Planners Fostering Human Centred Urban Planning through Real and Effective Public Consultation engaging youth leaders / educators and present and future young professionals in architecture, design, urban development, politics and related disciplines in:

  • creative exchange of ideas,
  • training and experience in community consultation process and
  • curriculum building through research and joint publishing on community consultation and human centred urban development.

Future Planners:

  • ENGAGES young present and future professionals in architecture, design, urban development and political studies who will be EMPOWERED to be constructive contributors towards a more inclusive society both as members of the communities in which they will live and as upcoming professionals who may occupy decision making positions that may help society become more inclusive through dialogue and human centred urban development.
  • CONNECTS youths between themselves and with stakeholders in 6 local activities of real effective community consultation cycles in Bordeaux, Trondheim, Putignano, Perugia and Malta in which stakeholders representing various interest groups especially those who are vulnerable to exclusion and challenges will make constructive contributions towards new or prospective urban development projects about to be implemented by their decision makers in their areas and
  • EMPOWERS THE CAREER OF YOUTHS through a community based publication on “Real and Effective Community Engagement for more Human Centred and Inclusive Urban Projects” with contributions from the youths, youth leaders and stakeholders taking part in the public consultation cycles and by other professionals sharing an interest in the two major subject areas of the project ie. effective community consultation and human centred urban development.

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