MaTE stands for Mapping Teacher Education

MaTE is an exchange of good practices that will showcase the best practices in teacher education specifically for those teaching the native language. Focus is on the challenges faced by changing scenarios in the classroom due to social, demographic and cultural changes taking place in Europe.

It also maps pedagogical innovations, technologies and trends in teaching and learning in language teaching and in general (even outside the language classroom). It assesses how these can be tapped to transform the native language class dynamics in so far as classroom management, teacher-students relationship, delivery, flexibility, personalisation and mobile learning are concerned.

It recommends the best training model for teachers of native languages (NLTs) that caters for the new challenges in the native language classroom to promote excellence in NLT training, enable HEIs to develop and reinforce networks, increase their capacity to operate at transnational level, and build more inclusive HE systems, connected to surrounding communities, by increasing fairness in access and the participation and completion rates of immigrant students.

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