Learning by Doing

Experiential learning is the best paradigm of educational innovation because it transfers a non-formal learning method to formal education. More specifically, experiential learning is an educational philosophy that seeks to draw on students’ experience to learn. It is the opposite of textbook-based learning.

In key with this the Learning by Doing project will take things out of the classroom and place them in a real-life context so that students can acquire knowledge that they are being taught in the school in a way that is more interesting through hands-on learning.

The objectives of the project partner is to:

    1. make the teachers’ job easier, more enjoyable and rewarding through the introduction of new pedagogical approaches that transfer in/non-formal learning into the school environment,
    2. bring more innovation into school education making more model schools for their experimentation,
    3. transform school education for students ages 15 to 18 (and other age groups through transfer) into a more interesting and engaging experience through hands-on learning so that, through the application of experiential learning methodologies, they acquire critical thinking, learning skills and civic competences for life and
    4. up inclusivity in school education especially for students with learning challenges and those who may be at risk of early school leaving.
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