WhoWe Are?



VisMedNet Association will soon celebrate its 10th Anniversary.

 We started out to be and became a champion for innovation and fresh approaches that rejuvenate careers and increase prospects for all. We work in various areas of education and training, economic initiatives and personal development because all these go together to build up skills and confidence to become constructive and critical thinkers in one’s community.

 Our organisation seeks and creates avenues with a social consciousness and an awareness of the need for social cohesion and wellbeing in our living milieu because we believe that it is the best way forward for a society that is built for social and economic sustainability even at individual level. We also believe that we are living historical times of social change that offer new opportunities for us and for all those around us including those at risk of exclusion if only we all were to support them in tapping their potential as participants in and contributors to our social and economic dynamics.

 VisMedNet is presently the National Contact point in Malta of the new EU Climate Pact to champion grassroots engagement for a greener and more environmentally sustainable Europe.


Mark Anthony
Co-Founder & CEO

Jessica Lee
Co-Founder & CFO

John Bennett
Technical Lead & CTO

Christina Hardy
Marketing Manager