YEA Malta National Alliance

The YEA Malta National Alliance
is for organisations that have as their social mission
youth and employment,
entrepreneurship and career development,
education and training,
culture and the arts.


The YEA project is built on the premise that entrepreneurship is a transversal skill of relevance to all young people because of the numerous ways it can be employed to further their goals whether in one works for an organisation or in self-employment.

The idea behind the setting up of national or regional alliances in the terrritories represented by the partnership in the YEA project is to bring together stakeholders in entrepreneurship training, youth work (especially non-profit organisations), local authorities and regional and national organisations promoting social development.

Within the National Alliance the players
- identify local practices in entrepreneurship training in the arts be it in formal or in non-formal education environments and share experience in the field within the Alliance,
- explore possibilities for exploitation of the products of the YEA project including training content on entrepreneurship in the arts,
- explore opportunities and best practices in integrating entrepreneurship education into the informal structures of youth work making it more relevant in the lives of young people in so far as employability and entrepreneurship spirit are concerned and
- draw up Regional Action Plans to work together to create avenues for cooperation and new opportunities for young people seeking a career in the arts and in the creative industries.

Like other Regional Alliances the YEA National Alliance for Malta and Gozo will be structured in such a way that it can become a permanent forum for stakeholder collaboration for entrepreneurship education in youth services.

Unlike other Regional Alliances the YEA National Alliance for Malta and Gozo it has organisations that are not from Malta but that are keen on engaging in the exchange and exploration activities of our National Alliance.

Organisations forming part of the National Alliance for Malta and Gozo

VisMedNet Association is an association of professionals working in the fields of youth and employment, education and training, culture and media. Now in its fifth year of operations it runs its own internship programme and an initiative for startups in the creative industries. A specialist in networks.

Agenzija Zaghzagh is the national agency for youth affairs in Malta. It was established in February 2011 to promote the interests of young people and to provide assistance to youth organisations and young people in achieving their potential. ZAAR was set up by the Malta Business Bureau and the University of Malta have set up the Foundation for the Promotion of Entrepreneurial Initiatives. ZAAR is the first offering: a donation/reward-based crowdfunding platform, to promote entrepreneurship in Malta and support local start-ups. ZAAR offers an alternative to raise finance for their projects and business ideas.
Maria Regina College is part of the state education system and it comprises ten schools, the majority of which are housed at the northern part of the island. The College network is made up of two Secondary Schools, six Primary Schools and one Adult Resource Centre. RICK'S cafe Association is really an association in startup phase even if it was born in a Comenius Network that has been active since 2010. It has started up activities in media production with young people. Members of its team were involved in YEA training. Mosta Youth Empowerment Centre forms part of the Mosta Local Council, Malta. It enhances and facilitates the social and personal development of young people and caters for their needs. Through various activities held locally and abroad, the young people discover ways how they can become more proactive in their locality and environment.
CHRIS AND MOIRA is a band with more than 20 years local and international experience in composition, lyric writing, performances presently in a number of international partnerships that help it overcome obstacles in exporting its music and developing further by pushing boundaries.

St Ignatius College is part of the state education system of Malta and it manages career education programmes in primary and secondary schools within that form part of its structure.

Malta Catholic Youth Network is a networking unit within the structure of the Roman Catholic Church of Malta and other Youth Organisation in empowering young people and those who take care of their formation.


Individual Professionals

David Callaby Floridia : Working with young people to enter the labour market

Organisations from Italy
Associazione ValIda is an association of professionals from education and culture working on the creation of opportunities for training and career advancement as a way to combat early school leaving and return to education for better integration into the labour market and society. CONSORZIO MED EUROPE EXPORT is a multi sector consortium that gathers Sicilian enterprises distinguished for their technological and innovative capabilities. It is part of Confindustria Palermo that has as one of its missions the support of young entrepreneurs  


If you think that your organisation can contribute its experience to or benefit from
the YEA National Alliance for Malta and Gozo
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