"Age is foolish and forgetful when it underestimates youth."
           - J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, 2005

VisMedNet youths and leaders work and grow together.

Together with partner organisations VisMedNet explores avenues and implements activities that fit into the mission of our Association and that allow us to be actors in the positive development and growth of youths that take part in our activities.


Areas of internvention of VisMedNet in the field of youth and youth leadership


VisMedNet works hard at helping young people understand the value and benefit of seeking professional friendships and to engage in contact and exchange with other cultures.

Over the years we have become very aware of the fact that in this age of technology and communication there is a high risk especially for young people who for some reason or other are vulnerable to isolation due to social, economic and educational backgrounds. This coupled with a time of high youth unemployment requires creative and persistent engagement with young people who need support.

More social engagement

We believe that social engagement can be achieved through better thinking skills and a sense of analysis and critical thinking.

Experience with young people has taught us that forming informed opinions is of paramount importance for given the bombardment of information, misinformation and generic statements reaching us through social media. Critical thinking and awareness of issues that are around us are an important aspect of our approach with young people. This includes issues that affect society even if at first glance one might think do not have an effect on one's daily life.

Making youth leadership more relevant in the lives of young people

We work at brining youth leadership into areas and structures that provide formal education, training of educators and employment guidance. At the same time we also work at creating and supporting youth organisations become platforms for the acquisition of skills and competences, a sense of entrepreneurship and initiative for young people. This makes them and their activities more attractive and closer to the future of their patrons.

By way of a corollary we also work at giving youth leadership skills to teachers and trainers in key with the teach less lead more trend in education.