Training Offer

VisMedNet Association shares the knowledge and experience of its team with present and future professionals in education, culture and youth who wish to invest in themselves and in their professional life. Training content offered is the result of experience garnered in international and local activities over the years. Participants in our training often do so with the support of funding from the Erasmus+ programme or other funding opportunities that may be available to them depending on their profession and position within their school or organisation.

School Education VET, Senior, Higher Education Adult Education
Our training offer for teachers in mainstream education is intended to introduce new approaches and methodologies that create more space for autonomy and initiative in the classroom. Our training offer for teachers and students in vocational education and training is intended to make education more relevant in the lives of students soon to enter the labour market. Our training offer is for adult education organisations working in youth, culture and society to make them more sustainable and viable, quality oriented and internationally minded.

Are you aware that your school or organisation can receive financial support for training and mobility under the Erasmus+ programme ? A number schools and organisations have benefitted from funding and they have taken part in training with us in Barcelona, Valletta, Citta della Pieve, Palermo and Rome. Our team offers support with the application process in order that your school may benefit from such funding bringing the most needed results for the organisation and its members of staff. Contact for more info.

Cultivate Creativity
Course for teachers and trainers in high school, VET, Adult and HE.
Focus on creativity, knowhow and entrepreneurial spirit in STEM, IT and science related subjects.