The Real Picture

The Real Picture will be an Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership for Youth under the strand of Innovation.

The Real Picture is a project by 9 partners from France, Italy, Slovenia, Greece, Nigeria and Malta under the leadership of VisMedNet Association of Malta.

The project is a reaction to social changes and migration flows of our times that are now one of the most common subjects of discussion all over Europe. It will engage young people in discussion and social media public education campaign on the subject of migration. This will be done with a strategy to educate the masses on the topic running counter to the negative press and communication used in the media when speaking about migration through a pan-European storytelling activity in which recent migrants explain what forced them to leave their country of origin and what they went through during the dangerous journey from Sub-Saharan countries towards Europe. 

It is also a strategic action taken by the partners to counter the general perception often conveyed in misinformation campaigns and rash statements on the media and in social media that migrants not coming from war torn areas of Africa are economic migrants making the decision to embark on a dangerous journey in a frivolous manner. This project will ensure that the general public in the EU is made aware that other causes such as extreme poverty, persecution, famine and manipulation also push people out of their countries.

The social media campaign by youths will also address youths in Nigeria on the dangers of illegal migration routes to Europe that is not always a guarantee of reaching destination and then again reaching Europe does not mean an easy wealthy life from then on. This aims to reduce the susceptibility of youths in Nigeria to mental manipulation on this subject.  Nigeria was chosen as a typical example of a country not presently a war zone but still the point of departure of Sub-Saharan migrants to Europe.

The campaign will be implemented through creativity and young enterprise. It will create social impact using powerful visual communication tool to provoke the community to discuss the topic of migration and to be aware of how much we tend to express ourselves about migration in a very light manner without knowing the real picture. The Real Picture will not solve the issue of migration but it will be a bold step towards impact that lasts.

The Real Picture trains youth leaders and organisations and younger generations through joint activities in VET and youth imparting knowledge and skills in:
- product development in creative industries based on market research, audience analysis and professional distribution strategies,
- general media and video production skills with focus on audience and quality under professional artistic direction,
- creation of joint strategies for social education and advocacy through structured social media strategies and
- PR strategies on the subject of migration and on audiences in different contexts (in this case in Sub-Saharan contexts).

Youth leaders and youths will set up local teams and produce creative content in an enterprise environment and discipline using online collaborative tools. They will take part in training that gives them skills on all production and soft skills that they will then practice in local activities:
- research and cooperation with experts for the purposes of research,
- cooperation and management  in a multi cultural team in a cross border manner,
- media production and all the joint decision making processes that go behind it for the sake of homogeneity, completeness and facility of distribution and
- organisation and self management throughout project activities including organisation of multiplier events for wide audiences.

The activities of the project will be:
- a Kick-off Meeting (M1) followed by a warming up period and start of local activities,
- a Second Meeting to start up the social media campaign (M2)
- a training activity (C1) for youth leaders and youths about collaborative social media strategies including media production techniques, discipline, research and  in the beginning of the project,
- the formation of local production teams for the production of creative content through cross border collaboration between France, Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Nigeria and Malta and post production work on still and moving image content intended to educate the viewers about migration through storytelling of stories by migrants who have recently survived the journey from Sub-Saharan Africa to Europe (IO1),
- five Multiplier Events for the reaching out to the local, regional, national and EU public (ME1 - ME5),
- the production of a video clip that will be horizontal through all project activities including a testimonial about the experience and the change in frame of mind that the project activities promoted and brought about (IO1),
- a Final Virtual Conference for conclusion and exploration of future cooperation between the partners (M3) and
- Dissemination Effort and Quality Management will run throughout the project.