InternPrize Initiatives

InternPrize generates real life projects implemented in real commercially competitive markets. This is what makes it a special kind of project based apprenticeship. It does not only give experience to the young start-up careers but also helps them start to build relationships with the commercial community and give colour to their CV.

This is why it is an important part of the philosophy of InternPrize that the organisation adopting the method starts up relationships with the commercial community around the school or training provider. In Malta we have our own small network of client entrepreneurs from various sectors that benefit from the work of our students and that also take the time to discuss their needs and briefs with the trainees.

Over and above this InternPrize also starts up its own initiatives and projects that are from medium to long term so that these may serve as permanent vehicles for cross disciplinary cooperation and learning for our trainees and students.

Ongoing InternPrize Initiatives

Initiatives in Culture and Heritage

InternPrize has picked up the baton from a Youth in Action project in which VisMedNet was partner.

The project was about oral heritage and at the end of the project VisMedNet continued with the initiative of engaging young people in the collection of memories. Several strands were started up some of which might very well end up as cross border partnerships. Initiatives under this heading involve projects needing different disciplines in the creative industries like video production, scriptwriting, web design and maintenance, organisation of activities etc.

Community Bus Project

In March 2017 VisMedNet acquired the vehicle from Heritage Malta so that we can start a conversion project making it a Community Bus. The conversion process will last a couple of years and the project is engaging students from industrial design, car repair and maintenance, artistic design, fundraising and organisation of events. Students are taking part in this using the InternPrize dynamic of working on creative projects in real competitive market conditions.

Heritage and Tourism

VisMedNet is involved in a number of initiatives some of which are part of or linked to EU projects related to community, heritage and tourism product development. The areas covered right now include culture spaces, gastronomy and activism through art. This initiative is bound to grow as activities related to Yes, You Can! and He.Co. projects become more intensive.

Universal Dream Bus Project

VisMedNet Association has embarked on the ambitious project of converting a vintage bus into a mobile theatre. The process of restoration and conversion of the Universal Dream Bus will be a two year project that will be carried out with the support of members and partners of VisMedNet Association using the InternPrize platform. Students from several disciplines are engaged in this project including those from the automotive industry, artistic design etc..

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