Community Bus Project

Our Initiative

In March 2017 VisMedNet acquired the vehicle from Heritage Malta so that we can start a conversion project making it a Community Bus. Between March and August 2017 there was an active networking exercise so that we collected ideas from different organisations with different backgrounds and social missions. The ideas were about what one would do if this bus belonged to his or her organisations. Ideas came in and in September 2017 concept development started so that we could decide on the final conversions works that would be carried out. This coincided with the arrival of our intern from a VET school from Burgos who was key in helping us come up withe one final concept for our vehicle.

Works on the bus start in 2018 in different phases:
- clearing out interior
- removal of outer panels, treatment, galvanisation and reinstallation
- cleaning, treatment and spray of chassis and bottom,
- change of engine and operational parts to make vehicle fit with Euro 5 / 6 standards,
- design and installation of electrics for the new purposes,
- design and body conversion to make bus usable as mobile theatre and a platform for public activities,
- treatment of fibreglass roof and
- final finishing works.
Takes you with us on the journey
from the state of the vehicle as in
early 2017 onwards.

Chassis : Bedford SBG (1955)
Body : Aquilina (1966)