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RICK'S cafe 2010-2017

RICK'S cafe Network started as a Comenius Network (2010-2013).
At the end of the funded lifetime VisMedNet Association took the lead of the network to continue with its work in the area of new dimensions in education including the introduction of innovative training content for teachers and school managers.

InternPrize Initiative

InternPrize is an initiative that was started up by VisMedNet in 2014.

Between 2014 and 2016 InternPrize went through a period of experimentation with a number of European partners.


VisMedNet has started up a Community of Practice about EMWOFA project on the EPALE platform of the European Commission for Adult Education.
We are looking at possible meet ups with other organisations ready to explore possibilities for exploitation and furthering the mission of the EMWOFA to reach out for more beneficiaries and possible widen its scope.

YEA 2015-2017

Youth Enterprise through Art will soon end this part of its life.
The funded period ends and the partners are looking at new ways of making YEA larger possibly have a wider scope and reach out to more beneficiaries.
During its lifetime it has created training content on entrepreneurship in the creative industries and set up local, regional or national Alliances.