VET and Senior Education



This training is the result of experience and exchange that VisMedNet has had with schools about early school leaving. Participants explore profiles and learning patterns of students that are maybe not well catered for within the formal learning space. We look at practices that include project work, practical learning under the leadership of teachers and learning environments that substitute or supplement formal education in school to generate and maintain the excitement of students who would benefit from the change. Content of the training may require tuning and adaptation for senior or VET schools.

VISConti Training Course

The course is for teachers and trainers in VET who are teaching STEM, IT and science related subjects who are open to new methods and approaches to the assessment of students' projects and to new ways of how VET can work with industry. VISConti was an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership that set up a Community of Practice to share experience and build tools for more experimentation. Participants in this training become part of this Community where they can network and share ideas with like minded people.

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Understanding Innovation

The course is for teachers and trainers in high schools, VET and Higher Education who wish to be equipped to remove the awe from the words Innovation and Creativity. Some like to believe that creativity is something that you either have it or you don't. You are either born creative or not. This is not true.

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Are you aware that your school or organistion can receive financial support for training and mobility under the Erasmus+ programme ? A number schools and organisations have benefitted from funding and they have taken part in training with us in Barcelona, Valletta, Citta della Pieve and Rome. Our team offers support with the application process in order that your school may benefit from such funding bringing the most needed results for the organisation and its members of staff. Contact for more info.