Renewing Teaching Careers

This training is in part the result of the experience of the UPPScience project.

UPPScience is a Strategic Partnership for Capacity Building for Vocational Schools. The partnership is made up of 21 universities, schools, education authorities and other organisations from 9 countries under the leadership of the Norges Teknik-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet of Norway. UPPScience stands for Using Profiling and Publishing for the upping of Scientific Approaches. It builds on the success of the VISConti project and widens the scope and functions of the Community of Practice that was created in VISConti. It brings together professionals from management of vocational education and training and students from early Higher Education into one Community that will be a platform for publishing of small research projects through an intensive exchange by way of peer review and mentoring.

Much has been said about instilling the research culture in education but the partnership acknowledges  that research does not come naturally to practitioners in education and students in early HE. This is the result of a number of factors:
- teaching, especially in VET, is not usually considered an academic profession (at least in practice) and therefore teachers and trainers would more often than not assume that research is not for them,
- teaching and training do not very often leave time and energy for learning and research especially if it comes from one's own initiative and if carried out alone,
- publishing of papers is generally equated with long papers that are the result of extensive research and
- students in early HE think research is for later on in their studies and  for the purpose of thesis, dissertation and wherever it is demanded by lecturers in University.

The training activities in will include:
- training in using the technological tools that UPPScience has created to facilitate profiling, publishing and cross border peer exchange,
- training methods and quality standards for self-assessment,
- training in peer review and in the validation of creativity, innovation and research sustained content of good quality and
- training in the adoption of the UPPScience methodology as a quality strategy by policy makers and lower decision makers in VET and in HE.

The training is held in several locations always hosted by partner organisations and schools that are already part of the VISConti UPPScience story so that there may be networking opportunities over and above the training experience.

Umbria, Italy Antalya, Turkey
Porto, Portugal Valencia, Spain


Before the training all participants will already have registered on the platform of UPPScience and become acquainted with the environment and the tools. This will start up their interest in the Community of Practice environment. 


Training Day 1
15:00 Introduction of UPPScience Project and Community of Practice
16:00 Introduction of UPPScience Platform
Training Day 2
Introduction of Paper Guidelines – Practical Exercises
Preparation for Papers: What Counts As Evidence?
What Counts As Literature and Where Can You Get It?
Referencing Research Methods and Methodology in Papers
Working on relevance - writing to be read reading creativity / innovation
Vocabulary from VISConti
Time to Write (Title and Summary)
Training Day 3
Ethical/Gender Issues in Papers
Peer review of dummy papers
Time to Read and Write
Training Day 4
Review of Homework on Papers – In Pairs
Research And Info Papers
Parallel Sessions – Presentation of Ideas
Time to Read and Write
Training Day 5
Overall Review of Reviewing
A look at papers finalized on CoP Platform
Summing up