SFOFY is designed to enable young people to develop an entrepreneurial skillset through exploring the business opportunities presented by street food, one of the fastest growing areas within the food sector. Today’s street food stall owners tend to be young and although they are brimming in innovative food business ideas, branding and digital marketing, they are often self-taught and lack formal enterprise education. Street food relies strongly on new ways of doing business which young people are comfortable with - total mobility, high levels of innovation, quality produce and dominance of social media marketing. All these factors mean that young people are attracted to opportunities within the dynamic sector that can increase youth employment opportunities central to the EU's employment policy, Europe 2020.

In France youth unemployment stands at 24% compared to a EU average of 17% (Eurostat, Feb 2017). In Ireland , UK and Malta, youth under-employment is a concern, as young people fail to find jobs commensurate with their education and talents. Entrepreneurship is widely recognized as a means to combat youth unemployment and social exclusion and thanks to the Entrepreneurship Action Plan more and more young people now gain access to entrepreneurial experience before leaving school or university.

But what about the young people already outside the education system, and facing unemployment, underemployment or disadvantage in the labour market? SFOFY is based on the premise that we can –and must– do more to build entrepreneurial skills among this group of young people with raw talent. Street food provides the ideal context for promoting entrepreneurship education for youth as it: -
• is an accessible entry point and innovation hotbed for low cost /shoestring food entrepreneurship
• capitalises increasing customer demand for international, cultural diverse specialities opens up business opportunities for young entrepreneurs including migrant communities

SFOFY will work to:
1) Create Open Educational Resources to teach street food entrepreneurship skills specifically designed for young people
2) Develop a Street food entrepreneur App to provide an accessible and appropriate way for young people to engage directly with the educational tools from their own mobile phone.
3) Create a Toolkit of Strategies for Markets to adopt a multicultural integration and experiential community for young food entrepreneurs.
4) Video Showcase Platform will present 24 short inspirational videos

Each partner has been assigned leadership of the output or activity corresponding to their specific field of expertise and experience, but all organizations will be involved in all tasks. On completion, SFOFY will have produced the linkages, the knowledge and the resources to enable enterprise centres, VET and organizations across the youth and migrant services sectors to drastically improve access to and quality of entrepreneurship education for young street food entrepreneurs.

We give
- YOUNG PEOPLE who were previously excluded or marginalized in the labour market, will be empowered to unlock their professional and personal capabilities. Some will go on to create street food businesses, many will use their entrepreneurial skillset for other employment or community benefits.
- ENTERPRISE CENTRES and other VET providers will gain greater awareness regarding the importance of inclusive entrepreneurship education and new and improved resources to cater to the needs of disadvantage groups through the lense of inclusion, diversity and intercultural integration.
- YOUTH ORGANIZATIONS and MIGRANT SERVICES will understand the value of entrepreneurship skills, and will be able to refer beneficiaries to the open, online course as an immediate path for training and career development.
- PROJECT PARTNERS will be the first to benefit from the ability to integrate new approaches to inclusive education and their work in synergy with organizations from other sectors. Staff will appreciate the more modern, professional environment and be more capable of work on high scale international collaborative projects.
- WIDER STAKEHOLDERS from across the youth, food, VET and community services sectors will be exposed to new forms of inclusive entrepreneurship education and be more likely to commit to more practical strategies for improving inclusion and diversity on a wider level.
- COMMUNITIES will see a rise in entrepreneurship and innovation among young people and benefit from the increased social integration and cohesion that comes from enabling young women to play a productive role in the economy and society.