InternPrize Creativity

The focus of VisMedNet is on the generation of opportunities for opening new avenues for learning, professional and personal growth. These areas of focus have come to cover the field of the creative industries. This is taken from a wide approach in that it includes performance and visual arts, still and moving picture, cultural events and management.

The activities of VisMedNet in creative industries are therefore vehicles for growth and the acquisition of knowledge, competences and new levels of emotional intelligence. Over the years VisMedNet has supported the organisation of cultural activities and the startup or development of careers in the creative industries through the generation of apt learning environments such as in its InternPrize initiative or through its involvement in international cooperation projects that have growth in culture and the arts as their objective.

We are sharing some information about our past or ongoing initiatives in this area hereunder.



VisMedNet started up the InternPrize initiative as a response to a need expressed by its experience of its internship programme and partner schools seeking mobility and training that matches what is now InternPrize. This form of training is on the job and project oriented through the engagement of students following studies in marketing, culture managament, web design and graphic arts in internships in the generation, implementation and promotion of concepts in culture, tourism and media.

VisMedNet is proud of the fact that this practice has been taken up for experimentation and now even as an EU funded project called Creative InternPrize under the leadership of Akdeniz University of Antalya.

Cultural Events


Through the InternPrize initiative VisMedNet supports the creation of concepts and content of public cultural events including concerts, exhibitions and other events in partnership with other organisations.

VisMedNet at times helps promote training in the field of media, film and entrepreneurship offered by partner organisations. Training consists of training for the audiovisual production industry generally through the engagement of international experts giving to the activities an international flavour and a more rewarding experience all round or training on culture management, start up and entrepreneurship in the arts.

Sustainability in Culture

The Yes, You Can! project was a Grundtvig Adult Education project about sustainability in cultural NGOs.

VisMedNet took this initiative further and now heads the Yes, You Can! network and offers training to operators and NGOs working in youth, culture and social work by way of exploitation of the YYC project.

Careers in the Arts

The YEA project is an Erasmus+ project generating training kit and resources for players who can play an important role in the future career of youths in the creative arts. YEA stands for Youth Enterprise through Arts. VisMedNet has by way of exploitation included training in its offer that is on Entrepreneurship in the Arts.

  The Y.D.E.E.S. project was an Erasmus+ project supporting mobility opportunities for young filmmakers and training in technique, creativity and entrepreneurship. Y.D.E.E.S. stands for Young Digital European Entrepreneur Spirit.


The Creative InternPrize project will widen the scope of training in development in the arts to include start up training. Training is being produced by the project partners in 2017 and 2018.

Cultural Heritage

The Collecting Memories project was a Youth in Action project about skills for young people on the use of video projects to record oral heritage. VisMedNet is presently working on initiatives in the area to extend the activities of the project to new specific areas in oral heritage like sharing of anecdotes and collective industrial memory.

Sustainability through networking
  The ROCKINeu initiative started out during a project that InternPrize worked on that brought together younger and more experienced rock bands and is gradually developing into a network of musicians working together to generate opportunities for each other and together in collective projects. VisMedNet is seeking avenues for the launching of this initiative as an EU wide network possibly including other genres of music.
  The RICK'S cafe network was a Comenius Network project on the internationalisation of school spaces tht then went ahead under the leadership of VisMedNet in the areas of intercultural initiatves in education, youth and media. In the beginning of 2017 RICK'S cafe' became an organisation so that it could develop further the initiatives started up by the network.
  The YEA project is an Erasmus+ project onYouth Enterprise through Arts and that will generate a national cluster of players into one network around the project as well as a network at a European level.

The Yes, You Can! project was a Grundtvig Adult Education project about sustainability in cultural NGOs. VisMedNet is presently the leader of the Yes, You Can! network based on the experience by way of exploitation of the YYC project.


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