Community Bus Mission

Mission Statement

We will transform this vintage traditional Maltese public service bus locally know as ‘Tal-Linja’ into a Community vehicle and a mobile platform for edutainment activities and encounters. This project is meant to give a contribution to the growth of the community and of the groups and individuals that will eventually be part of it.

The Process

We will turn the conversion of the Community Bus into a community building process engaging different talents and resources that will help us fulfil our mission and share ownership of the bus with many.

Use and beneficiaries

We will equip the Community Bus with facilities to be used for activities that foster personal and intellectual development, promote literacy, cultivate social competences, creativity, dialogue and social cohesion.


Chassis : Bedford SBG (1955)
Body : Aquilina (1966)
Our vlog 
Takes you with us on the journey
from the state of the vehicle as in
early 2017 onwards.