Adult Education

Entrepreneurship in the Arts

This training is the result of the involvement of VisMedNet Association in the Youth Enterprise through Arts project. It is specifically designed to enable youth and creative arts organisations and professionals to effectively engage the young people they work with in entrepreneurship education.


Course intended for individuals who occupy decision making positions in small or startup organisations in the fields of adult education, youth, culture and social work. It is for those who wish to develop strategies for the future of their organisation with the right frame of mind and the use of tools for growth.

Contents of the training are very often adapted according to the needs of the organisation and there have been several times when the course was oriented towards product development. Content and structure will engage participants in future oriented thinking, scenario building and strategic plans for their organisations. This will be carried out through efforts to understand change and be able to determine the future of one's organisation through correct and key positioning in its local, regional and national context.

The course is in part the exploitation of a Grundtvig project in which VisMedNet was partner. The project has since then developed into a network of organisations from different parts of Europe and this makes the training an excellent networkin opportunity over and above a learning experience.


Are you aware that your organisation can receive financial support for training and mobility under the Erasmus+ programme ? A number schools and organisations have benefitted from funding and they have taken part in training with us in Barcelona, Valletta, Citta della Pieve, Palermo and Rome. Our team offers support with the application process in order that your school may benefit from such funding bringing the most needed results for the organisation and its members of staff. Contact for more info.